An Introduction

Northumberland Real Estate Reports

Northumberland Real Estate in Covid 19

Is really different in 2020. Historic trends and seasonal predictions have gone out the window. Covid 19 has really skewed so many things that we have always we thought we understood. Real Estate is no different.

All over Northumberland County we see families that are not sure how to proceed through these times. Cobourg, Port Hope, Grafton and Colborne are all experiencing shortages of inventory.  As are the rural properties.  Hamilton Township,  Alnwick – Haldimand, Cramahe and in what used to be Hope Township the property counts have been way down from March to July.

Most families that don’t need to make a change are staying put.

However, there are some families that for a number of reasons do need to either buy or sell.

We’re here to help.

Selling Cobourg / Port Hope Properties

The foundation for making a good real estate decision is having access to current, accurate local information.  At Northumberland Real Estate Reports .com we are constantly posted updated information that will be valuable to  anyone interested in watching the local real estate scene.   You’ll see every new property listing.  What community it’s in and other information about the home.  You’ll see every home sale – including the sale price as well as how long it was on the market and  if they had to reduce their price.

Interactive Real Estate Graphs

You’ll find interactive graphs that will display data back 5 years and will help you get a handle of traditional trends and seasonal variations.

All of this information is broken out by community to make it easy to see just the part that’s important to you.

Get Informed Safely

Here you can do your research in real time from the safety of your own home.  Without being pestered by a real estate guy.  You can gather and digest as you wish.  Then, when you’re ready for the next step we’ll be here.  We’ll be ready when you are.

Northumberland Real Estate Reports