October 2020 The Last One

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This has been a very interesting year …. 2020 has really changed my life and the life of my family. ALL 3 of our children are in British Columbia. We had planned on spending much of the summer out there visiting and catching up, helping as parents do. But with the virus those plans were put aside. We haven’t seen our son in over a year.

I know that there are lots of families sharing the same experience. But we are blessed with being a position that we can do something about it. We’ve made the decision to pack up quickly and head to BC ourselves. While our 3 kidfs are spread out all over theplace at least we’ll be in the same province.

The image above is where we’ll be living – east of Enderby on Hidden Lake Road.

It’s not a plan I had but a plan I need to make.

I will be keeping my license and will be available to talk, counsel and advise if anyone needs me – I also know the best agents in the area so if you have any questions or guidance just drop me a line or give me a call.

We have bought a van and will be moving ourselves out, then this winter I’m going to build the van into a camper / RV. I’ll be sharing that journey as I go along so I’ll send you updates along the way.

I have truly enjoyed being a real estate person and I didn’t expect to stop doing it in this manner. But these are the times we’re living in.

Thankyou to everyone who allowed me share just a bit of your life, the decisions, the dreams the victories. It’s been an epic experience for me.

Cheers to all …. be well